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Meet My Staff

winget staff
Susan, Artist
Mary Beth, Painter
Jeannie, Painter
Joan, Designer
Audrey, Designer
Stephanie, Designer
Beckie, Assistant
  1. Susan
  2. Mary Beth
  3. Jeannie
  4. Joan
  5. Audrey
  6. Stephanie
  7. Beckie
The staff at Winget Art Studio is truly family.

Every morning we meet around our conference table to plan our workday, check in on the progress of varying projects, and share the stories of our lives and the world around us. I always say that we meet every morning to count our blessings - both in business and in family life! Our studio is made up of watercolorists, Photoshop enthusiasts, nature lovers, and sports fans. We are mothers, wives, sisters, and friends. Every person on my staff brings their own talents and perspectives that make the studio a joyful and thriving workplace.